Trying something new…

This semester, two of the faculty in my liaison group, Professors Stacy Caplow and Maryellen Fullerton, offered me the opportunity to co-teach Directed Study in International Refugee Law.  Under supervision, the upper-level students in this seminar research and draft legal documents to support the Hong Kong Refugee Advice Centre.  HKRAC describes itself as “the only dedicated provider of pro bono legal aid to refugees seeking protection at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Hong Kong.”  BLS alumnus Brian Barbour is the Executive Director of HKRAC.

Below is a link to a web guide that I created to assist these students.  I think that sections of this guide, such as the tab “COI” (country of origin data), will also aid participants in the BLS Safe Harbor Clinic.

Sources To Support Directed Study in International Refugee Law