Episode 052 – Conversation with Prof. Aliza Kaplan

Episode 052 – Conversation with BLS Prof. Aliza Kaplan.mp3

This podcast is of a conversation with Professor Aliza Kaplan, Brooklyn Law School’s resident award-winning documentary film producer. Beside teaching legal writing and representsing asylum seekers through the Law School’s Safe Harbor Project, Professor Kaplan sits on the National Advisory Committee of Equal Justice Works, the nation’s leading public interest law fellowship program. She is the former Deputy Director of the Innocence Project, a not-for-profit that uses DNA evidence to exonerate wrongfully convicted prisoners. In addition to representing inmates in their efforts to obtain DNA testing, she coordinated the Innocence Project’s media and fundraising events.

For more on the award-winning film, read the Brooklyn Law School News & Events page Professor and Producer: Aliza Kaplan’s Post-9/11 Film, “The Oath,” wins Sundance Award. Before serving as Co-Producer for The Oath, she was Co-Producer for My Country, My Country (2006), Advisor for After Innocence (2005), Advisor for Deadline (2004), Consultant for the PBS documentary, Burden Of Innocence (2003) and Consultant for Court TV’s Stories of the Innocence Project.

Prof. Kaplan talks about her role as co-producer for Laura Poitras’ latest film The Oath, the second in a post-9/11 trilogy. The film is a portrait of two brothers-in-law, both former associates of Osama bin Laden: Abu Jandal, who became bin Laden’s bodyguard, and Salim Hamdan, who was his driver. Jandal left before 9/11 but Hamdan stayed and was captured and later was the subject of the landmark Supreme Court case Hamdan v. Rumsfeld. This video of an interview with Laura Poitras, director of The Oath, shows some clips of the film.

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