Campaign Politics: Library Resources

As the victors for this Super Tuesday are decided, you Image result for presidential campaignmay want to learn more about the history and law of political campaigns in the United States. The library has several titles that may be of interest to you. Listed below are a select few. If you would like to see a complete list of the library’s titles on political campaigns in the United States, click on this link.

James A. Gardner, What are Campaigns for? The Role of Persuasion in Electoral Law and Politics (2009).

This Oxford University Press e-book includes chapters on the political campaign: emergence of the deliberative ideal; election law and the formation of public opinion; campaigns and the stability of political opinion; democratic theory and the thin election campaign; and the tabulative campaign.

Richard L. Hansen, Plutocrats United: Campaign Money, the Supreme Court, and the Distortion of American Elections (2016).

In this newly released Yale University Press publication, Hansen argues that both sides are not addressing the key issue of the Citizens United era: the necessity of balancing political inequality with free speech. Topics covered in this book include: the corruption distortion, the voting lottery, and the new media.

Kirsten A. Foot & Steven M. Schneider, Web Campaigning (2006).

Having an effective social media campaign is essential for modern campaigns. Topics covered in this MIT Press title on web campaigns include web campaigning implications and practices, tracing practices within a web sphere, and explaining the adoption of web campaign practices.

Regina G. Lawrence & Melody Rose, Hillary Clinton’s Race for the Whitehouse: Gender, Politics, and the Media on the Campaign Trail (2010).

It might be interesting to look back on Secretary Clinton’s first campaign for President and compare it with her second.   Chapters in this title include women and presidential politics, the media and the path to the Whitehouse, Hillary Clinton in context, and Clinton’s gender strategy.