Focus on the World Trade Organization

This April, members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) are participating in consultations to choose a new Director-General of WTO.  The final candidates for WTO Director-General are:

Mari Elka Pangestu (Indonesia)
Tim Groser (New Zealand)
Roberto Carvalho de Azevedo (Brazil)
Taeho Bark (Republic of Korea)
Herminio Blanco (Mexico)

One of these candidates will be the new leader of the WTO before the December 2013 WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali. The candidates’ statements to the WTO General Council and videos of their press conferences are available at: WTO members meet the DG candidates.

Three of the finalists (Pangestu, Groser & Bark) also answered questions posed by a policy center, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development.

Heads-up international trade researchers: a key enhancement is coming to TradeLawGuide.  This database is a highly useful tool for identifying pertinent WTO agreements and jurisprudence.  By summer 2013, there will be an annotated version of GATT 1994 available in TradeLawGuide.  Through TradeLawGuide, one can search annotated WTO agreements (by article of the agreement or by keywords) to identify relevant WTO jurisprudence.  One can then use TLG’s Jurisprudence Citator, review Dispute Settlement Body minutes, and scan pending WTO jurisprudence to complete the research process.

Feel free to ask me how to use TradeLawGuide and other WTO research tools.