New Books List

Perhaps you are looking for a good book to read on vacation, but don’t know where to begin looking. Dozens of new books are added to the Brooklyn Law School Library collection every month. They cover a variety of practice areas and topics, ranging from practical guides on legal mediation to the psychology of eyewitness identification. The full list of new titles is available to browse through the library catalog here.

Some particularly interesting new titles include:

Narratives of Islamic Legal Theory by Rumee Ahmed

From “Ahmed takes the reader into the logic of Islamic legal theory to uncover diverse conceptions of law and legal application in the Islamic tradition, clarifying and making accessible the sometimes obscure legal theories of central figures in the history of Islamic law. The book offers important insights about the ways in which legal philosophy and theology mutually influenced premodern jurists as they formulated their respective visions of law, ethics, and theology.”

An Outline of the History of Economic Thought by E. Screpanti & S. Zamagni

From “This book provides a comprehensive overview of the development of economics from its beginnings, at the end of the Middle Ages, up to contemporary developments. It is strong on contemporary theory, providing extensive coverage of the twentieth century, particularly since the Second World War.”

International Approaches to Rape edited by G. Gangoli and N. Westmarland

From “Many governments have begun to take rape more seriously than in the past and have started to implement wide-ranging reforms; this book describes those reforms and assesses the degree to which they have been successful. Introducing readers to various national perspectives on rape, the contributors outline a comparative approach that highlights the similarities and differences between countries, contexts, laws, issues, policies, and interventions.”