BLS New Books List for May

The Brooklyn Law School Library New Books List for May includes works on labor history in America, climate change, lawyering skills, European Union law, mediation and negotiation, Islamic legal theory, electronic discovery, human trafficking, the law of class actions, the law of armed conflict, eyewitness identification, the North American Free Trade Agreement and other trade agreements. Members of the BLS Faculty can request a book by clicking on the “Faculty Book Request” tab in the SARA Catalog above the search box to submit a request. Students can go to the open shelves to locate books and bring them to the circulation desk for checkout.
Some titles for graduating law students are: Essential Lawyering Skills: Interviewing, Counseling, Negotiation, and Persuasive Fact Analysis by Stefan H. Krieger and Richard K .Neumann (Call #KF300 .E84 2011). Chapters are: Becoming a lawyer — What this book is about — Professionalism — Lawyering for and with the client — Lawyering as problem-solving — Communications skills — Multicultural lawyering — Interviewing — Observation, memory, facts, and evidence — Interviewing the client — Interviewing witnesses — Persuasive fact analysis — How we organize and think about facts — The legal elements model of organizing facts — The chronology model of organizing facts — The story model of organizing facts — Selecting a model for presentation of the case — Strengthening the persuasiveness of your facts — Investigating the facts — Responding to your adversary’s facts — Counseling — What happens when a lawyer counsels a client — An example of counseling : the plant closing — Preparing for counseling : structuring the options — The counseling meeting with the client — Overcoming special problems in counseling — Negotiating — How negotiation works — Negotiation preparation : assessing the parties — Developing a negotiation strategy — Styles and rituals — Following through on your plan — Negotiation tactics.

The Lawyer’s Guide to Professional Coaching: Leadership, Mentoring, and Effectiveness by Andrew Elowitt (Call #KF276.5 .E56 2012). Chapters are: When and why to call a coach — The business case for coaching — Coaching expressly for lawyers and their firms — Coaching compared to other helping professions — An inside look at coaching — More than a fad — Finding and selecting a coach — Law firm mentors as coaches — Law firms leaders as coaches — Lawyers as coaches — Becoming a coach — Looking forward.