Open Source ILS

This year’s CALI Conference for Law School Computing is being held at Marquette University School of Law in Milwaukee, WI June 23 to June 26. The program offers new ideas to advance legal education through computer technology and includes a session in which Brooklyn Law School Director Victoria Szymczak will discuss the BLS Library’s move to an open source integrated library system. The session will review the ILS systems considered in the process, address why the library selected Koha supported by ByWater Solutions, and review the steps taken to migrate the BLS Library database successfully. During the session, there will be discussion of the challenges and joys of participating in the open source world, as well as future plans for enhancing the library system. The presentation is available at this link where you can click on Taking Your ILS on the Open (Source) Road to see it and the Power Point presentation.

Brooklyn Law School is the first US law library to adopt an open source ILS. The new catalog interface is available here.