Reading for Pleasure in this Season of Scandals

While spring 2011 has been called the “Arab spring” because of the civil wars, uprisings and revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, etc., it looks like early 2011 may also be called the spring/summer/season of political scandal.  While we hate to see our brothers in humankind involved in tragic events, it’s another story if they are involved in unseemly behavior of their own making.  We are often curious about what goes on behind closed doors, but now that people can broadcast their own intimate behavior in the various social media, we can all become spectators to their peccadillos.

If now or later in the summer you need a break from your bar review study, summer school reading or whatever heavy duty reading you’re involved in, you might want to check out a book from the BLS library on “political scandals.”

Below are a few titles available in our collection.  If none of these titles wets your appetite, you may also search for other titles in WorldCat Local and make interlibrary loans request through ILLiad.

  • Burnham, David.  Above the law: secret deals, political fixes and other misadventures of the U.S. Department of Justice.  New York, Scribner, 1996.   Location:  Main KF 5107 .B87 1996
  • Chambliss, William.  On the take: from petty crooks to presidents.  Bloomington, Ind., Indiana University Press, 1988.  Location:  Main HV 6446 .C43 1988
  • Garment, Suzanne.  Scandal: the crisis of mistruct in American politics.  New York, Times Books, 1991.  Location:  Main JK 2249 .G37 1991
  • Kessler, Ronald.   Inside Congress: the shocking scandals, corruption, and abuse of power behind the scenes on Capitol Hill.   New York, Pocket Books, 1997.  Location:  Main JK 1021 .K47 1997
  • Miller, Hope R.  Scandals in the highest office; facts and fictions in the private lives of our Presidents.  New York, Random House, 1973.  Location:  Main E 176.1 .M555
  • Mitchell, Jack.  Executive privilege: two centuries of White House scandals.  New York, Hippocrene Books, 1992.  Location:  Main E 176.1 .M67 1992
  • Young, Andrew.  The politician: an insider’s account of John Edward’s pursuit of the presidency and the scandal that brought him down. New York, Thomas Dunne Books, 2010.  Location:  Main E 840.8 .E29 Y68 2010