Episode 066 – Conversation with Prof. Claire Kelly

Episode 066 – Conversation with Prof. Claire Kelly.mp3

In this podcast, Brooklyn Law School Professor Claire Kelly discusses her recent article, Financial Crisis and Civil Society, published in the Chicago Journal of International Law, Volume 11, Number 2, page 505 (Winter 2011). One of a series that Professor Kelly has written on international organizations and the financial crisis, the article addresses how these institutions confront demands for greater legitimacy in light of the public policy implications of their actions and the idea that greater participation by civil society may foster greater legitimacy by improving representativeness, transparency, accountability, and reasoned decision making. Prof. Kelly argues that international financial organizations should carefully calibrate civil society participation to improve their legitimacy without hampering their efforts.

Prof. Kelly has expertise in International Business Transactions, International Trade, Administrative Law and New York Practice. Her extensive writings on these topics are available here.