BLS Library in Mendoza

As my travels to South America draw to a close, the third and final law school that I was able to visit was the Universidad de Mendoza (UM). The law school and Biblioteca Central were closed for the holidays and the start of the summer and I was unable to meet with library or law school personnel, faculty or students. The facility is located on a wide tree-lined street called Avenida Boulogne sur Mer and sits opposite the Parque San Martin, Mendoza´s equivalent of Central Park. UM, unlike UBA, is a private university with its main branch in the city of Mendoza and another branch in the city of San Rafael.

The seven-story building in Mendoza is where local law students enroll for courses on the humanities and the law and study in this beautiful environment. This private school, founded in 1959, provides different levels of knowledge and training courses in a number of areas of concentration at this faculty. More history of the facultad is available here.

In addition to UM, Mendoza also has the Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, a public university that is part of the largest higher education institution in the province of Mendoza that was created in 1939. The location of Mendoza’s public is within Parque San Martin. This video from the law school website has photographs of the campus.

With both law schools closed for the holidays, this post is short on content. The photos of the schools and the library are interesting.