Map of Disputes Between WTO Members

The Library of Congress Law Library has posted on its blog an entry about the World Trade Organization with a hyperlinked map of disputes between its members. The site has hyperlinks that allow users to access the dispute documents filed by the contending parties with the WTO. There are other links that show a chronological listing of dispute cases, another link to tables that show the disputes by country and by subject.

There is an additonal link that shows the adopted panel reports under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) disputes that pre-date the WTO. The site also links to Stanford University’s GATT Digital Library that gives access to documents and information about GATT from 1947-1994. Particularly useful is the resource page with bibliographies, research guides, and web sites of interest to GATT Digital Library users and researchers.

The graphical feature showing the map of disputes is a useful tool for readers who respond to visual learning. Choosing to see the participation of the United States, for example, in the WTO dispute process shows that it has been a complainant in 73 cases and a respondent in 106 cases.