Keeping Up With New Library Books (Posted by Linda Holmes)

Just keeping up with new (or new to you) websites, blogs and social networking tools, let alone your course work, can seem overwhelming.  Did you ever think about all of the new titles that the library acquires weekly?  How do you know what they are and where to find them?

First, all of the titles in the library’s collection, whether an older title or a new one, are cataloged and in SARA, our online catalog, which is accessible from the library’s web page.  You may search by keyword, title, author or subject.  But if you just want to find out what new titles the library has, there are two resources available through SARA.

One is the link to “Selected New Titles,” in the middle of the SARA search screen, which displays the covers of several new books and allows you to click on the cover and go directly to the bibliographic record for the title.   There you can get the book’s call number and go directly to the stacks to retrieve the book.

The “New Book Lists,” at the bottom of the SARA search screen, is another way to identify new books.  A new list is posted every two weeks and by clicking on the date of the posting, you go directly to a subject arrangement of the new books.  Click on the “Full Record” and you get the bibliographic record, including the call number, for that title.  Then you can go to the stacks to retrieve the book.   Most of the books that circulate are in the “Main Collection,” which is located in the library’s lower level.  These books may be charged out to students for four weeks at the first floor circulation desk.

Book jackets of new books are also displayed on the lower level bulletin board and a small selection of new books is displayed at the circulation desk.  These books are available for immediate check-out.

Finally, if you would like to recommend a title for the library to purchase, feel free to make your suggestion through the link at the bottom of the SARA search screen under “Suggestions.”  If you include an email address in your recommendation, you will get a response from the library.