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BLS “new” Proxy Server Instructions

On Friday, November 13th, Brooklyn Law School Library learned from several users that the proxy server which provides you with access to many of our subscription services (such as Hein, BNA, JSTOR) was not working properly with the new BLS web site.

BLS Building

RIP Old Web Site

A website response team quickly moved into action.

Phil Allred, BLS’ Chief Information Officer, has created a work around until the web site developers can address this issue.

Maria Okonska, BLS Library’s Manager of Bibliographic Operations, developed easy-to-follow instructions to assist you in enabling the proxy server.

Thanks Phil and Maria!

To enable the proxy server, you need to make some adjustments to your web browser. BLS Library has posted detailed instruction for accessing the proxy server and they are located on our web site here.

BLS Library apologizes for your inconvenience.

BLS Library reminds its users to let us know about any problems you may be having  access our resources.  Contact us at refdesk@brooklaw.edu