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Summer Access to Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law

You can continue to use your Westlaw account for summer research. If you are interning at a firm, be sure to check with them first. You may need to use a different account for billing purposes. Graduating students have access for six months from graduation.

For Lexis, you automatically have summer access. You can use your account for both school work and your internship. Check the Lexis for Law School homepage for information on upcoming trainings and workshops. Graduating students have access to their accounts until February 28, 2021.

For Bloomberg Law, you can continue to use your account over the summer without interruption. This access is granted automatically. Graduating students will have access to their account until June 21, 2021.

Summer Access to Bloomberg Law, Lexis & Westlaw

sun-wearing-sunglassesThe three legal research databases, Bloomberg Law, Lexis and Westlaw, are available to Brooklyn Law School students this summer.   See the details for each database below.

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law provides unlimited and unrestricted access over the summer.  Student accounts will remain active and available all summer.  Students may use Bloomberg Law without restrictions.  Graduating students have unlimited and unrestricted access to Bloomberg Law for six months after graduation.

Access to Bloomberg Law is through the Bloomberg Law website:   http://www.bloomberglaw.com with a username and password issued by Bloomberg.


All students with a registered Lexis Advance ID will automatically have access to Lexis Advance over the summer. No registration is required.  Lexis Advance will remain accessible to students and Lexis Advance may be used for both educational and commercial purposes.  Students who do not have a LexisAdvance ID should contact our Lexis representative, Beth Hoffman, at beth.hoffman@lexis.nexis.com.


Students have the option of extending full access to Westlaw over the summer if they meet one of the following education purposes:

  • Enrolled in summer law school
  • On a law journal or moot court
  • Working as a research assistant for a faculty member
  • Working at an unpaid, non-profit, public interest internship/externship or pro bono work required for graduation, provided you are not being paid for your research and your employer is not being paid for Westlaw research you conduct for your employer.

In order to take advantage of this extension, students must update their registration at:


Beginning June 1, 2013, student passwords will be limited to 40 hours of access per month during the months of June and July, 2013, unless the password is extended for summer use.   On August 1, 2013, returning students’ passwords will be reactivated to full academic use.  Graduating students who need Westlaw access to prepare for the bar examination can extend their passwords as well for five hours of access in June and five hours in July through 07/31/2013 by completing the summer extension form and indicating that they are a graduating student.

The summer extension form is posted on the Westlaw law school homepage:  www.lawschool.westlaw.com  Students can sign on to the site and select the “need Westlaw this summer” icon.