TechCo Lab: The BLS Library’s Technology and Collaboration Space

With the summer quickly approaching, some of you may be thinking about your summer internships or associateships.  Your summer positions will require you to practice and hone your lawyering skills, such as interviewing clients or preparing for trial or a negotiation.   If you are looking for a space to practice these skills, look no further than Library room 111.  Room 111, otherwise known as the TechCo (Technology Collaboration) Lab, is designed specifically for these types of simulations.  In the Tech CoLab, students can connect a laptop to a projector system with a wall-mounted screen, allowing them to work together on online projects, Skype with people in other locations, and record their own presentations for later review.  The lab is located on the first floor of the library by the copiers and scanners.

If you are interested in using the lab, you should email  At the time of your reservation, ask someone at the circulation or reference desk for access to the room.   (It needs to be unlocked for use.) An instruction sheet for using the equipment is available in the room.