UN iLibrary Launch

United Nations Publications, dedicated to promoting the knowledge and work of the UN, recently launched a new iLibrary platform in partnership with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The new platform, http://www.un-ilibrary.org/, is “the first comprehensive global search, discovery, and dissemination platform for digital content created by the United Nations.” See this link from the OECD for a PDF with more information.

UNiLibraryThe platform provides “a single online destination” to access UN’s digital content such as publications, journals, reports, and other series covering a wide range of topics: international peace and security, human rights, economic and social development, climate change, international law, governance, public health, and statistics. Titles include:

  • Yearbook of the United Nations
  • Yearbooks of the International Law Commission
  • United Nations Demographic Yearbook
  • World Economic Situation and Prospects
  • World Investment Report
  • Statistical Report and Yearbook

In its February launch, United Nations iLibrary has about 780 titles and is expected to expand its collection to around 3,000 titles by the end of 2016. iLibrary content is available for public users to read; however, to access and download the PDFs a separate subscription is needed.