March is Women’s History Month: Women & the Law

images_106The month of March every year is Women’s History Month.  Each year the Library celebrates March with a book display in the first floor display case opposite the elevator.  These books will be back on the shelves and available for loan on April 1st. If you have an interest in any of them now, just go to the first floor reference desk and we’ll retrieve the book for you immediately.

During this month the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society are highlighted with professional conferences and social activities throughout the country.

Each year the President issues a proclamation reminding us of the contributions American women have made to American society.  See this year’s proclamation from President Obama here.

Also see the American Bar Association’s report entitled A Current Glance at Women in the Law, published in July 2014, which gives statistics on the number of women in the legal profession, the number of women in the judiciary, the number of women in law schools, the number of women on law reviews, etc.  The report can be found here.  Great strides have been made, but more progress is needed.

To read about how far women have come in the legal profession and some of the issues that they still encounter, see the selected titles below about women and the law in the Library.

Pioneering Women Lawyers: From Kate Stoneman to the Present

The Rhetoric of Supreme Court Women

Women and the Law Stories

Learning to Lead: What Really Works for Women in Law

Women Attorneys Speak Out! How Practicing Law is Different for Women than for Men

Women on Top—The Woman’s Guide to Leadership and Power in Law Firms

Sisters-in-Law: An Uncensored Guide for Women Practicing Law in the Real World

It’s Harder in Heels: Essays by Women Lawyers Achieving Work-Life Balance

Legally Mom: Real Women’s Stories of Balancing Motherhood & Law Practice

And finally, there is a quarterly publication from the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Professions:  Perspectives – A Magazine For and About Women Lawyers.