Lawyering Skills Quiz

The November 2014 edition of the ABA Journal, available in print at the Brooklyn Law School Library Circulation Desk, has a quiz to test whether you have the skills, traits and values of a good lawyer. The 10 question quiz, designed to let you know what skills are needed to be a great trial lawyer. Give it a try and see how well you score on the quiz which is also available online.

good lawyerIt is based on the book The Good Lawyer: Seeking Quality in the Practice of Law by University of Missouri at Kansas City Law Professors Douglas O. Linder and Nancy Levit (Call #K115 .L56 2014). The 360 page book published by Oxford University Press is a must-read for law students and prospective law students, new lawyers, and seasoned professionals. It is organized in ten chapters titled The Good Lawyer Is Empathetic — The Good Lawyer Is Courageous — The Good Lawyer Has Ample Willpower — The Good Lawyer Values Others in the Legal Community — The Good Lawyer Uses Both Intuition and Deliberative Thinking — The Good Lawyer Thinks Realistically about the Future — The Good Lawyer Serves the True Interests of Clients — The Good Lawyer Pursues Justice with Integrity — The Good Lawyer Is Persuasive — Seeking Quality in a Rapidly Changing Profession.