Episode 091: Interview with Jared Brenner

Episode 091: Interview with Jared Brenner.mp4

This episode of the BLS Library Blog is a video interview of Jared Brenner, a rising 3L at Brooklyn Law School with interests in IP, entertainment, and legal services for startups, artists, new media, and the tech community. Jared won first prize in the Inaugural CUBE Innovators Competition, receiving $2,000 for his “What If Wiki” proposal that would create a wiki based solely on legal topics, especially those concerning law lagging behind innovative technologies. In the interview, Jared talks about how he got involved in the competition and his vision for the future of his project. Jared and Professor Jonathan Askin, Founder/Director of the Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy Clinic, have both agreed to participate remotely in the upcoming 2014 CALI Conference at Harvard Law School. The session, Evolving Legal Education to Encompass Entrepreneurship, will take place on Saturday June 21. BLS Reference Librarian Harold O’Grady and BLS Technology Educator Lloyd Carew-Reid will lead it.