Preparing Your Oral Argument? We can help!


If you are a first year, you are most likely preparing for your oral argument.  It can be pretty intimidating and scary.  (At least it was for me.)  But the library can help you prepare and shake off some of those jitters.

The library has many resources to help, including a new Technology Collaboration Lab that will allow you to record and watch yourself practicing your arguments.   The Tech CoLab, Room 111, is located on the ground floor of the library by the copy machines/scanners.  To use the Tech CoLab, you need to reserve the room, using the library’s study room reservations system.   When it is time for your reservation, you will check out the key to the Tech CoLab from the circulation desk.

We also have several books trial and appellate advocacy to assist you.   Listed below are a few of the available titles.

Thomas A. Mauet, Trial Techniques and Trials (9th ed. 2013).

Charles H. Rose III, Fundamental Trial Advocacy (2d ed. 2011).

Ursula Bentele, Mary Falk, & Eve Cary, Appellate Advocacy: Principles and Practice (5th ed. 2012).

Michael R. Fontham & Michael Vitiello, Persuasive Written and Oral Advocacy in Trial and Appellate Courts (3d ed. 2013)