Company Investigator

Brooklyn Law School students now have a new tool they can use to conduct due diligence on M&A targets, to advise clients regarding competition, and to evaluate potential buyers to ensure financial solidity. In a recent press release, Thomson Reuters announced the launch of Company Investigator, a comprehensive resource for information on private and public companies. Users can find information on companies to assist with business development, litigation, due diligence and a host of other applications.

Company Investigator accesses more than 30 million company profiles — of which 20 million are hard-to-find private companies — including general corporate information, subsidiary data, legal disputes, secretary of state filings, regulatory filings, and material agreements. Users can search by company name or other terms to locate a search subject.

Company Investigator is available on WestlawNext and presents information in a manner that makes it easy to analyze corporate “family tree” structures, relationships among corporate entities, and other company-related information, such as recently filed court dockets, bankruptcy filings and more.

Users can easily create customizable reports that assemble all of the relevant business and legal information. Email alerts can be set up to provide notification of new business developments or changes to a business’s status. With its comprehensive data as well as powerful search and information management tools, Company Investigator saves hours of research time and helps effectively manage risk.

“Legal industry professionals depend on relevant, accurate and current company information,” said Steve Obenski, senior director and general manager, Business Law Solutions, Thomson Reuters. “Company Investigator is remarkably easy to use while at the same time incredibly powerful. It makes it fast and easy to understand corporate structures, relationships and other information about business entities. This is a must-have tool that is invaluable for transactional lawyers, litigators and legal researchers alike.”

A podcast on how Company Investigator can help find information on public and private companies is available here.