CALI Lessons for Final Exams

Brooklyn Law School students can better prepare for final by using CALI lessons. BLA students registering for the first time can contact a reference librarian for the school’s authorization code to create a new account.

Lessons written by law faculty/librarians include those for first year courses and many upper-level subjects. There are three podcasts on exam taking skills titled Exam Taking Skills, Outlines, and Advice for Law Students. Six law professors on three different panels discuss outlines, studying for class, preparing for exams, time management, and how professors grade exams. The conversations were recorded as podcasts. The podcasts are not intended to take the place of a conversation with your professor, but they offer law students additional insight into the exam process. See the podcasts for Panel 1, Panel 2, and Panel 3. Another CALI lesson, Writing Better Law School Exams: The Importance of Structure, is designed to improve student exam-writing techniques. Legal writing including writing exams as students employs a special form of writing. The lesson discusses that form and its structural implications discussing the tasks to perform and the tools to use in performing those tasks, and how to sharpen those tools. The lesson concludes with interactive opportunities to try the techniques described.