New Books List and More

The Brooklyn Law School Library has added 67 new titles to its print collection with a wide range of subject areas including Arbitration, Civil Rights Law, Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property, International Commercial Arbitration, and Women’s Rights and more. To see the New Books List for March 14, 2013 click here.

In addition to the New Books List, the BLS Library continually adds internet material to SARA, the library catalogue. There are newly added electronic versions of reports from the Congressional Research Service on a wide range of subjects that are in news headlines of the day. See for example the March 1, 2013 reports: Gun Control Proposals in the 113th Congress: Universal Background Checks, Gun Trafficking, and Military Style Firearms by William J. Krouse; The 2013 Cybersecurity Executive Order: Overview and Considerations for Congress by Eric A. Fischer et al.; and the February 2013 reports: Unauthorized Aliens: Policy Options for Providing Targeted Immigration Relief by Andorra Bruno; and Abortion and Family Planning-Related Provisions in U.S. Foreign Assistance Law and Policy by Luisa Blanchfield. The library adds other agency reports such as the Of­fice of Management and Budget March 1, 2013 OMB Report to the Congress on the Joint Committee Sequestration for Fiscal Year 2013.