Bloomberg Law’s Tax Practice Center

In a press release issued today, Bloomberg Law announced the launch of its Tax Practice Center which integrates in-depth analysis, commentary, practice tools, news, case law and other primary sources, to give attorneys a comprehensive understanding of the critical issues in tax law. The Tax Practice Center features unlimited access to primary law and trusted secondary sources, such as Bloomberg BNA’s Daily Tax Report and an extensive library of transaction and topic-specific Portfolios, which contain practical guidance written by leading practitioners and academics. Brooklyn Law School Library has offered Bloomberg Law to its users who will now have access to the Tax Practice Center as part of their subscription.

The press release states: “Key functional features of the Tax Practice Center include the ability to research related primary and secondary sources with ease to save practitioners research time. Secondary sources from BNA, including Portfolios and other analysis, are clearly linked to primary resources including Internal Revenue Code, Public Laws and Treasury Regulations. Moreover, practitioners can find important documents using citation and Portfolio numbers with easy ‘Go To’ search functionality. DealMaker Document Search offers model tax agreements and clauses, and practitioners have access to tax forms from the IRS.”

Bloomberg Law’s Tax Practice Center is pictured below: