Episode 084 – Conversation with BLS Prof. Dana Brakman Reiser

Episode 084 – Conversation with BLS Prof. Dana Brakman Reiser.mp4

In this podcast, Brooklyn Law School Professor Dana Brakman Reiser discusses her latest scholarly article, Theorizing Forms for Social Enterprise, which addresses the legal and social ramifications of social enterprise. Defining a social enterprise as an organization pursuing social or charitable purposes while also seeking to make profits for investors, Professor Brakman Reiser says that her research shows that social enterprises are forming in the US and abroad. Identifying the goals of social enterprise founders who use hybrid legal forms, Professor Brakman Reiser poses the question “How do you enforce an organization’s mission to do good?” She asks. “Is a dual mission effective and stable?” The article considers a range of possible enforcement mechanisms, some already in use in hybrid legal forms that are now available. She concludes her comments by noting that as jurisdictions enact, and social enterprises adopt, these new legal forms, law students may see them as increasingly attractive as they start their lives as practicing attorneys. The article, scheduled for publication in the Emory Law Journal later this year, is listed along with her other scholarly writing at this link.