BLS Library New Books List

The Brooklyn Law School Library New Books List for July 5, 2012 has 67 items including works on federal agency adjudication, antitrust law and the judicial power, disability rights versus bioethics, strategies and tactics for pharmaceutical patent litigators, children and the Internet, wrongful convictions, computer-related crime, E-Discovery in smaller cases, environmental law, trade secret litigation, eyewitness identification, nonprofit organizations, and deceptive trademarks. Members of the BLS Faculty can request a book by clicking on the “Faculty Book Request” tab in the SARA Catalog above the search box to submit a request. Students can go to the open shelves to locate books and bring them to the circulation desk for checkout.

One of the titles that may be of interest to graduating law students is Build Your Practice the Logical Way: Maximize Your Client Relationships by Carol Schiro Greenwald and Steven Skyles-Mulligan (Call #KF311 .G7 2012). The authors discuss how clients will fuel a law firm’s growth. Consistent, strategic, and sustainable firm growth depends on strong client relationships rooted in practices that practices that are designed to meet not only clients’ expressed needs but also their expectations. This how-to guide will help lawyers tend what is already most rewarding, both intellectually and financially, in practice: the clients who value the lawyer most and with whom lawyers most value working. The steps outlined are straightforward, strategic, and significantly important for a practice’s long-term health and viability. The authors identify strategies to keep clients and help grow a law firm, including. Chapters are: Focus on clients to build your firm — Use value to create a foundation of loyalty — Master communication techniques to build a client-centric practice — Research to understand your current practice — Research to understand your foundation clients’ worlds — Build a client-centric firm — Replicate your foundation clients — Pick the low-hanging fruit: summary.