Episode 081 – Conversation with James Renken, Class of 2007

Episode 081 – Conversation with James Renken, Class of 2007.mp3

In this podcast, James Renken, Brooklyn Law School Class of 2007, talks about a program which he co-presented in April with Charles-Eric Gordon, BLS Class of 1979. See a condensed version of his materials Resources for Professional Internet Investigations. For more on that program, see here. James talks about changes in skip tracing with online social media tools and discusses some of the databases that help attorneys and investigators locate people, assets and records. In addition to his duties as a Systems Engineer with the IT Department at BLS, James works with the Civil Legal Advice and Resource Office Student Action Group (CLARO/SAG), a student organization dedicated to educating the BLS community about legal issues surrounding consumer debt. CLARO/SAG offers the opportunity to learn about consumer debt issues and New York civil practice while helping unrepresented litigants and interacting with practicing attorneys and fellow students.