1L Resources, Tips and Tools

Brooklyn Law School will hold its convocation for the incoming law students, the Class of 2014 and the Class of 2015, on Monday, August 15 at the U.S. District Courthouse for the Eastern District of New York. Later in the week, the BLS Library will begin holding a series of nine orientation sessions from Wednesday, August 17 to Tuesday, September 13 to introduce the 1Ls to library resources. See the updated online research guide for first-year law students 1L Resources, Tips and Tools created to provide first-year law students with basic information regarding the law library and its services; study, exam, and stress tips; and information about BLS Library databases. The Guide has a section on the first year required courses with relevant hornbooks, treatises, and study aids, and CALI lessons. The BLS librarians look forward to working with the incoming class and recommend the essay How to Read a Legal Opinion: A Guide for New Law Students, by Orin S. Kerr, 11 Green Bag 2d 51, which explains what judicial opinions are, their structure, and what to look for when reading them.