Episode 064 – Conversation with Professor Elizabeth Schneider

Episode 064 – Conversation with Professor Elizabeth Schneider.mp3

In this podcast, Brooklyn Law School Professor Elizabeth M. Schneider talks about her recently published book Women and the Law Stories (Call #KF478..A5. W642 2011) which she co-edited with Prof. Stephanie M. Wildman and for which they wrote the Introduction. The book looks at landmark cases establishing women’s legal rights, and tells the stories of the litigants, history, parties, strategies, and theoretical implications. Prof. Schneider uses the book in her Women and the Law course to give students the human stories behind the cases. The subject areas of the book include history, constitutional law, reproductive freedom, the workplace, the family, and women in the legal profession as well as domestic violence and rape. Prof. Schneider teaches Civil Procedure, Domestic Violence and the Law, Women and the Law and a Federal Civil Litigation, Public Law and Justice Seminar. Her extensive list of publications is available here.