Legal Blogs: Great Places to Go for a Paper Topic

When it comes to deciding on a topic, for a note or a seminar paper, legal news blogs, otherwise known as blawgs, are great sources for inspiration.   There are several websites which aggregate legal blogs and allow a user to browse the blogs by topic.  Some of these sites also vet the blogs for you, describing who the author of the blogs is and what the purpose of the blog is.  Listed below are three of these blog aggregators along with tips on how to access them.

ABA Journal’s Blawg Directory provides a comprehensive of list of continually updated blawgs.

Tip: View by Topic, Region, Author, or Law School

Blawgsearch is a directory of legal blogs.

Tip: Browse by category, jurisdiction (U.S. States/International) or Law Schools

Lexmonitor is a blawg directory which allows you to “channel surf”.

Tip: Browse Practice Areas