Tips for students who are source-checking

TIP: Review the appropriate Bluebook rule(s) for the type of source(s) that you need to check.  Your editors want you to review Bluebook-compliant sources.    

TIP: SARA catalog accepts titles of, or keywords in titles of:  books; journals; various treaty series; statutory compilations; case reports; other types of reports; and websites.   SARA catalog does not permit you to enter the cite to a specific article.  You can, however, enter in SARA catalog the title of a journal (example: Brooklyn Journal of International Law), and, in many cases, retrieve a catalog record for an electronic version of the journal.  When you follow the blue link to an e-journal, you can then try to retrieve an article by citation.

TIP: Always check SARA catalog before creating an ILLiad account and requesting an item through interlibrary loan.  Also, with regard to material needed for a source-check, do not order the material through interlibrary loan unless your editor asks you to do so.  Follow your journal’s instructions for each assignment. 

TIP: Please feel free to approach a librarian at the reference desk for help.  We know that source-checking is a new task for you, and we want to save you time.  

Question: A student asked my colleague, Kathy Darvil, whether the student could provide a journal editor with a copy of a law review article from HeinOnline.

Answer: Yes, the HeinOnline article is a scanned image of the original–it is identical to the text that you would find in a print journal volume.

Question: A student asked me for help in finding the source: I.L.R.

Answer: > tab: Legal Abbreviations links to the free Cardiff Index of Legal Abbreviations  I advised the student to enter abbreviation: I.L.R. in this Index.  The student discovered the source’s title: International Law Reports.  The student then searched SARA catalog by title: International Law Reports.  BLS Library owns this source in print. It is in the International Collection, call no. K9 .N886. This is not in the overflow area (which contains KZ books), it is in the room that you first walk in to when you enter the basement of BLS Library.  International Law Reports is not available through LN or WL.

Remember: our librarians are here to help you with this new process!