Episode 055 – Conversation with BLS Professor Jonathan Askin

Episode 055 – Conversation with BLS Professor Jonathan Askin.mp3

This podcast features Brooklyn Law School Associate Professor Jonathan Askin who talks about the legal work performed by the Brooklyn Law Incubator and Policy Clinic (BLIP) which Professor Askin began in 2008. In this conversation, he discusses the recent news that the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) has drafted BLIP as a contributor to its amicus brief to be submitted to the Supreme Court in the case of Schwarzenegger v EMA. Students from the Clinic will work with ECA and the law firm of Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP on the brief for the case which the Supreme Court will consider in the fall term.

Professor Askin was recently quoted as saying “It is important to ensure that the rights of both the producers and consumers of video games are guaranteed in this modern day challenge to the First Amendment. We relish this opportunity to help create the best legal understanding at the intersection of law and emerging technology.” In the podcast, he also talks about other types of matters where the Clinic has helped new entrepreneurs.