News & Commentary in Print and in the Library

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that The New York Times will begin charging for access to its website in January 2011 and The Atlantic Monthly has a cover story in the current issue entitled “Inside Google: the Company’s Daring Plan to Save the News (and Itself)” by James Fallows, discussing, among other things, the need for newspapers to set up “paywalls,” where their website users will have to pay for content. As you may have heard, many newspapers and news magazines are in dire financial straits; Newsweek is reportedly looking for a buyer; newspapers are losing advertising dollars to Craigslist.

Now that it’s summer in law school (if not in the real world) and you may have a few more minutes to browse and even read some newspapers and magazines in print, here is a list of what the library has accessible and available in the first floor newspaper rack and magazine stand:

Financial Times
National Law Journal
New York Law Journal
New York Times
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post

Atlantic Monthly
Bloomberg Markets
New York
New Yorker

The library has also stopped binding law reviews so that unbound issues are now accessible and available on the third floor in the Law Review Room and the Subin Reading Room.