Jackson Pollock Crim Law Student?


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As I walked past c35 in the cellar of the Library last night, this fabuous avant garde art work on the blackboard caught my eye. Did we have a budding Jackson Pollack on our hands? Upon closer inspection, I was able to discern that while we may have an artistic genius in house, that genius was more likely studying crim law.

In this rather scattered chart, you can make out the important hallmark terms of criminal law. Terms like:
– Recklessness
– Involuntary
– Malice Aforethought

Obviously one – or a group of students – was taking advantage of the writing space in c35 to study. This isn’t the only room in the library that has writing space on the wall. Room 113M has a white board. White boards require special markers to write on them, but students are free to use the markers left in the room.

Visualizing relationships between concepts is a long time favorite study technique among law students. Afterall, a picture is worth a thousand words! And, let’s admit it, we all like to graffiti on the black/white board. It’s fun! Even in this serious review of criminal law, you can find funny entries – like “Mitch smells” – if you look hard enough.