BLS Prof. Susan N. Herman named ACLU President

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has named BLS Prof. Susan N. Herman as its new president. The organization issued a press release on the election of Prof Herman on Saturday, October 18. A constitutional and civil rights scholar, Herman previously served as the ACLU’s general counsel and succeeds former ACLU president Nadine Strossen who held the position since 1991. Prof. Herman has had a long affiliation with the ACLU having worked as an ACLU intern while still in law school She has also served on its board of directors, written Supreme Court briefs for the organization and lobbied Congress on the group’s behalf.

Prof. Herman is an expert on the US Supreme Court expert with a focus on criminal procedure. She participated in a BLS Library Blog podcast in August of 2008 when she discussed the Tenth Annual Supreme Court Review sponsored by the Practicing Law Institute (PLI) in New York, NY. The BLS Library catalog lists seventeen items (print, video and audio) where Prof. Herman contributed as an author or as a participant. Professor Herman’s scholarly and legal writings are available on her Selected Works page.