Episode 024 – Conversation with Bettina Chin, Class of 2008

Episode 024 – Conversation with Bettina Chin, Class of 2008.mp3

The Editor-in-Chief of the Brooklyn Law Review, Bettina Chin of the Class of 2008, talks about being a member and editor of the oldest of the student-run legal periodicals at BLS. The Law Review began publication in 1932 and usually publishes four issues each year with articles covering a broad range of current legal issues. Each issue contains articles written by eminent legal scholars, practitioners and judges, and notes and comments on new legislation and case law written by student members. In addition to her own student note, Regulating Your Second Life: Defamation in Virtual Worlds, 72 Brook. L. Rev. 1303 (Summer 2007), Bettina addresses working with her colleagues and the Law Review’s Faculty Advisor Dana Brakman Reiser. She also offers suggestions for the upcoming year when Anita Nabha will be the new Editor-in-Chief.