Episode 022 – Conversation with Nick Reiter, Class of 2008

Episode 022 – Conversation with Nick Reiter, Class of 2008.mp3

In this conversation, we hear from the Editor-in-Chief of the Brooklyn Journal of Law and Policy, Nick Reiter of the Class of 2008. The Journal of Law and Policy began in 1993 and usually publishes two issues each year. Its mission is to analyze and promote the debate of law-related issues and public policy through articles written by legal scholars, law students and distinguished members of the legal and policymaking communities. Nick talks about his article, Dollars for Victims Of “Victimless” Crime: A Defense Of Drug Dealer Liability Acts published in Volume XV, No. 3 (Winter 2007) of the Journal at pp. 1329-1374. He also talks about the support from Prof. David Reiss, Prof. Margaret Berger and the journal members in helping him in the management of the journal this year. Nick also discusses plans for next year’s journal under the management of Seth Cohen, the incoming Editor-in-Chief.