Episode 012 – Conversation with District Attorney Joe Hynes

Episode 012 – Conversation with District Attorney Joe Hynes.mp3

Last month, Brooklyn’s own Charles J. “Joe” Hynes, the Kings County District Attorney spoke at the Law School’s Subotnick Center about his novel Triple Homicide. The event featured a reading and discussion by DA Hynes of his new novel which examines a district attorney’s fight to expose police corruption. DA Hynes, who serves as a BLS Adjunct Professor of Law and teaches Trial Advocacy at BLS, talked about some of the reforms in the police community since the Mollen Commission of 1992.

The audience for the novel is cops, trial lawyers and the library community. The Library Journal published a favorable review of Triple Homicide in its May 15, 2007 edition. In a recorded interview for the BLS Library Blog, DA Hynes shares some of his experience as a novelist and as a key player addressing official corruption.