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What’s Going on Here? Renovations Have Begun!

Library renovations have begun.  To the left is a photo of the old Law Review Room.  Once the renovations are finished in mid-August this room will contain offices for four reference librarians, and tables, chairs and soft seating for students.  The room will have a mid-century decor.





This is the old Lexis lab on the second mezzanine looking into study room 206M.  Both rooms were demolished this week to make space for the offices of the four BLS Journals which will occupy space on both the second floor and the second mezzanine.





While there is no longer printing on the 2nd mezzanine, release stations and printers are available on the second floor opposite the library elevator.  A Lexis printer and the Bloomberg terminal have been relocated to the cellar.

We’ll keep you posted as renovations progress.  In the meantime, enjoy your summer!

Need to Print in a Hurry: Computer Added to the Library’s First Floor

Recently, a third computer station was added to the first floor of the Library.  The computer is located across the room from the reference desk, alongside two other computers. Students should use this computer to send print jobs to the first floor printer release station.  We ask that students be considerate of their peers and not use the computer for email or web browsing when another student is waiting to send a print job to the release station.

Need To Add Money To Your Printing/ Copying Account?

Thanksgiving Week means many things but it also means that Brooklyn Law School Finance Office will only be open Monday – Wednesday (11/21 – 11/24). Students needing to add money to their printing/copying accounts need to get to the Finance Office before 4PM on Wednesday.
From 4PM on Wednesday (11/24) until 9AM on Monday (11/30) , students will be need to:
• Go to the Library Reference Desk
• Limit their daily adds to $5.00, cash only.