Reminder: First Year Research Quiz Review Today & Bluebook Review Thursday

question-mark-460868_640If you are worried about your upcoming Legal Research and Bluebook Quiz, have no fear. Reference librarians are here to help. Bring any and all of your research questions and concerns to today’s or next Tuesday’s session. Librarians will answer your questions and address your concerns. This Q & A session is solely designed to answer questions. There will be no formal presentation. So if you have questions or are confused about some aspect of legal research, stop by Room 401 between 4pm-5pm today, October 28, 2014. If you cannot make today’s session, come next Tuesday, November 4, 2014 to Room 401 from 5pm-6pm.
Struggling with the Bluebook? Do you need a review prior to your quiz? Library Director and Professor Janet Sinder will guide you through everything you need to know about the Bluebook for your research quiz. Professor Sinder will hold two sessions for students on the Bluebook’s basics, including short form citation and sample questions. The first Bluebook review is on Thursday, October 30 from 4pm-5pm in Room 501. The second review session is next Monday, November 3 from 5pm-6pm in Room 601.