Summer Reading: Something New or Something Old?

Summer is often a time for law students and others to catch up on their non-school or non-work related reading.  If you are looking for some summer reading, while maybe not actually lighter fare, there are three locations in the library that might offer some interesting selections.

The library orders, receives and processes hundreds of new books each year.  A new book list is posted on SARA, our online catalog, every two weeks.  A few of the books from each list are displayed on the new book shelf on the first floor circulation desk.  Two new books shelved there which might be of particular interest to law students:

Another source for fining out about new books in the library is the bulletin board in the entrance to the cellar displaying new book jackets.  A couple of the book jackets currently on display deal with the Supreme Court:

If you are a history buff, you might want to read some of the titles that are housed in our rare book collection. While the rare books do not circulate out of the library, they may be borrowed from the rare book cabinets located on the second floor, second floor mezzanine and the third floor to read in the library.   A few rare books of possible interest:

These three books and many others in the rare book collection are also available electronically through our Making of Modern Law Collection or in HeinOnline.  Enjoy your summer!