Practicum: Online Forum for Legal Writing

Brooklyn Law School has launched a new version of Practicum, the online companion to the school’s four existing scholarly journals. Practicum embraces the Internet to publish timely pieces in an accessible forum at a time when people increasingly retrieve their information from blogs, online news outlets, and legal databases where traditional print law journals are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Unlike most scholarly publications, Practicum offers an outlet for practitioners to reflect on news, issues, and developments in the law and legal theory, including those developments featured in our paper volumes. Practicum provides an opportunity for practicing attorneys as well as law students to engage in meaningful, fast-paced discourse on the most cutting edge topics in their fields. The new version of Practicum has three featured posts: How Colleges and Universities Can Turn Green Without Some of the Typical Pitfalls by Richard J. Sobelsohn, BLS Class of 1998; Why Fair Pay is About More than Fairness by Hanna Bergqvist Jackson, an LL.M. student BLS Class of 2013; and Regulating the Practice of Charging Loan Interest as a Case Expense by Alexander Goldman, BLS Class of 2014.