New Books List July 19

The Brooklyn Law School Library New Books List dated July 19, 2012 is now accessible on the SARA Library Catalog. Among the 62 items on the list is The Law of Lawyers’ Liability, a Fifty State Survey of Legal Practice edited by Merri A. Baldwin, Scott F. Bertschi, and Dylan C. Black. The American Bar Association which published the book notes that increase in suits against lawyers has highlighted a number of issues that distinguish the claim from the run-of-the-mill negligence to cause of action. Lawyers who prosecute or defend legal malpractice claims must understand their state’s legal malpractice laws and, when a claim involves multiple jurisdictions, must also consider the potentially applicable laws of other involved jurisdictions. This guide provides a state-by-state review of laws in each state pertaining to the laws of lawyer liability. Each chapter is devoted to the law of each state, written by lawyers in that particular state for easy comparison. Whether a lawyer is involved in litigating legal malpractice actions or merely wants to understand more about these matters, this book is intended to serve as a resource to how the law varies state by state.
The book includes a chapter devoted to the law of each state, written by lawyers who practice in that particular state. The chapters follow a standard format, allowing the reader to easily search for comparable law in other states. The chapters detail the applicable law of legal malpractice as follows: Elements of the Claim, Standing, Standard of Care, Causation, Damages, Defenses, and Alternative Causes of Action.