Prepare to Practice: New Books for New Attorneys

Congratulations to the Class of 2012!  After studying for and taking the July bar exam, you might want to consider looking at the titles below.  These are practical books to help you with trial preparation, note taking for lawyers, iPads for attorneys and using social media for professionals.

Coyne, Michael L., Trial Prep for the New Advocate, 2011.

The goal of this book is to bridge the gap between theory and practice and to that end it is divided into three parts.  Part one is entitled “Substantive Learning” and is an overview of evidence and litigation.  Part two, “Practical Skills,” includes investigation and interviewing, preparing pleadings and conducting discovery, mastering trial technology and trying your case.  Part three, “Working Together,” gives advice for working with supervisors and other members of the firm and includes a primer on ethics.  This book should be on every new attorney’s bookshelf.

Mighell, Tom, iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, 2011.

This book makes it easy to learn to use your iPad; presenting only the essentials that you need to get started.  Shows you how to set up mail, calendars and contacts; create folders and add files; view and manage legal documents and use your iPad to take notes and create documents.

Mighell, Tom, iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers, 2012.

This title covers apps essential for any law practice.  Includes apps for getting organized and being productive: calendars, attending meetings, making calls, brainstorming and note taking.  Also includes time & billing and litigation apps.

Schorr, Ben M., Microsoft One Note in One Hour for Lawyers,  2012.

This new book discusses how Microsoft One Note allows you to take notes more effectively, as well as to search and share notes.  You can  even add audio and video to your notes with this product.

Kennedy, Douglas, LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers, 2012.

This book shows you how to set up an account and complete a basic profile and includes tips for making a more dynamic profile. Covers how to build connections and use the search function.  Advanced topics included are how to use LinkedIn in the hiring process and creating company pages.