New and Improved Web of Knowledge


Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge is a research platform that gives you access to objective content and tools to search, track, measure, and collaborate in the social sciences, arts, and humanities. This platform provides access to the world’s leading citation databases, including powerful cited reference searching.

Researchers and authors use Web of Knowledge to:

  • Use cited reference data to track and determine research influence of a particular article
  • Use citation analysis to find important authors and/or institutional research collaborations
  • Analyze research from high-impact journals in the Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities
  • Identify the most appropriate, influential journals in which to publish

Recently, Web of Knowledge released new enhancements.  These include Full Cited Reference Data Capture which gives users the ability to see a more accurate picture of citations at work. Other enhancements include more flexible search and display options and more comprehensive results.

To learn more about Web of Knowledge and the new enhancements, view this online tutorial.