Law Students on Law School Reform

Brooklyn Law School students who want to have a voice in legal education and law school reform have a new place to post their concerns. Law Schooled, a new blog, allows students to learn from other students and connect to faculty, so that students can work together to shape the future of legal education and help each other survive three grueling years with a bit of advice and a bit of humor. Its mission statement says “Law Schooled is an open forum for students to discuss legal education and law school reform. This blog and network aims to include all members of the law school community in a substantive discussion about how students can play a role in shaping the future of legal education.”

Recent posts have covered law school reform, curriculum, bar preparation, and thinking like a lawyer. Law students are encouraged to submit a post to the blog. This experiment may work if students can find the time to speak out and take action. Consider becoming a contributor to the blog by submitting posts and establishing a law school reform organization to discuss financial and employment data and lobby for student interests.