New Sources in HeinOnline

BLS Library recently licensed HeinOnline’s New York Legal Research Library.  It includes reports and opinions of the New York Attorney General, the New York State Register, Tax Cases, New York State Session Laws, New York legal journals, the New York State Bar Association Journal (1928-2010), legal classics from or about New York, documents from selected historic New York trials, New York Codes prior to 1923, and New York State Reports.  Access through: 360 Search (database list) > HeinOnline New York Legal Research Library 

Also, Hein has added to HeinOnline’s U.S. Congressional Documents Collection over 3,000 hearings from the 71st Congress (1927) through the 103rd Congress (1994).  Hein will release additional hearings each month and plans to bring this collection up to date through the 112th Congress. (When fully loaded, this collection will contain more than 16,000 hearings.)  Access through: 360 Search (database list) > HeinOnline U.S. Congressional Documents Library  In this collection, the “Quick Finder” search tool allows users to browse and search by Congress, Chamber, Committee, or words in the Text:

Feel free to ask BLS librarians about these new tools.