Telecommunications Law Resource Center

At the start of the year, the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) the Telecommunications Law Resource Center (TLRC). The service provides information on all aspects of communications law, including broadcasting, cable, telephone and wireless. The content is invaluable for communications professionals such as attorneys, planners and managers. In addition, as featured in all Resource Centers, the Telecommunications Law Resource Center provides a 15-day free trial that allows access to BNA Insights, cutting-edge articles by thought leaders in the telecommunications field.

The new product is part of several online Resource Centers (RCs) that BNA has introduced beginning in the summer of 2010. These RCs are online hubs that bring the breadth and depth of news, research, and analysis to one place. As of today, there are three RCs, covering labor & employment law, intellectual property law and, now, telecommunications law, with more launches planned for the future. For information about BNA Labor & Employment Law Resource Center, see last year’s article on the AALL Spectrum blog from.

All the RCs are designed to be easy-to-use and searchable, similar to popular search engines, to save time. A researcher can do a quick search, advanced search, or use search operators similar to Boolean operators. In addition, cases and legislative updates have their own search areas for easy access. The RCs help legal and business professionals access not just the latest news in their field, but to do so in a way that is user-friendly and time-saving.