Episode 056 – Conversation with BLS Professor Robert Pitler

Episode 056 – Conversation with BLS Professor Robert Pitler.mp3

The New York Law Journal article, No-Fault Companion Bill on Maintenance Raises New Concerns discusses the recently enacted New York no-fault divorce bill. The NY State Assembly website has a summary of the bill. Gov. David Paterson signed thea bill making New York the last state to enact some version of no-fault divorce, do that people trying to leave a marriage will be spared the painful task of attacking their estranged spouse in court.

The NYLJ article refers to Brooklyn Law School Professor of Law Robert M. Pitler in his role as the Chairman of the New York State Law Revision Commission and its study on the setting of maintenance levels statewide to determine if courts are failing to take into account financial factors that could unfairly disadvantage one spouse or another. Prof. Pitler, in this podcast, talks about the work of the Commission and his appointment as a Member of the Commission in 1988. He has served as its Chair since 1992. He is a Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School where he teaches Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Evidence. Before joining the Brooklyn Law School Faculty in 1988, he was Counsel to the New York County District Attorney and Chief of the Office’s Investigations Bureau and Appeals Bureau. He has also taught at the University of Syracuse Law School and the University of Colorado Law School.

In the podcast, Prof. Pitler also discusses the classes he will teach this fall for incoming students and upper class members.