Summer Book Exchange is HERE!

This summer the BLS Library will sponsor a book exchange. A book exchange provides a forum for people to divest themselves of books already read in favor of books yet to read.

Participants can drop off their gently used fiction and biographies at the Library circulation desk beginning today. We will also accept children’s books to help out parents of young readers!
On May 3rd, all donated books will be placed on a book shelf in the Library lobby area. The BLS Community (students, faculty, staff, and their children) can browse the shelves for that “good book to read” at any time between May 3rd and August 13th. We will continue to accept book donations up until the last day of the program.

At the end of the summer, any remaining books will be donated to charity. Most public library branches no longer accept paperbacks, so we will identify a needy organization who will appreciate these books. If you have a recommendation, let a Librarian know.

Thanks for your donations and happy reading!